DeWalt Rail Squares

FC Tools has always tried to be as inclusive to all carpenters and their brands. Hence the Hybrid being the first and only Square on the Market to fit both Festool & Mafell Rail Squares.

This has led us to produce DeWalt rail squares on a couple of occasions but the demand just doesn’t seem to be there. However, recently we have had more people showing interest in DeWalt so we are presenting you with an option. Should we produce 10 Single Sided DeWalt rails or introduce them as part of the Festool/DeWalt Hybrid range.

Please let us know in the Poll Below.

We should bring back DeWalt Rail Squares as...

11 thoughts on “DeWalt Rail Squares

    • Frank Cochrane says:

      Hi mate the hybrid rail squares are now away getting anodized so they will be back and ready to post fri. Single sided ones are still getting machined as they were closed over Christmas and new year

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