Below is a graphic which demonstrates how Karpenter works.

There are many fantastic tools out which are made by tradesman, however, they are often incredibly hard to find unless you stumble across them accidentally. As Karpenter’s reputation grows it will have a lot more marketing power and it will be easy to find through a quick search on google.

The idea is for karpenter to become the go to place for otherwise hard to find tools. It creates a market for the developer of the tool and an easy to use shop for the carpenter/joiner looking for that innovative product to make their life easier. 

Scott Kempik
Web Developer / Marketing

I built this site for Frank Cochrane & Craig Kempik to showcase their tools. We later decided to open up to the wider community.

Frank Cochrane
FC Tools

I am the developer of the famous Hybrid Rail Square. We built this site around my products and decided to expand it from there. 

Craig Kempik
Kempik Jig

I developed the Kempik Jig & Along with Scott & Frank helped build the website and create the content for it. 

Alan Crellin

I am the inventor of the board master-pro, I approached this page as I thought it was a fantastic way to get our products to the wider world